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Your Marketing Tips

1 May 2014

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by our new blog. We will be publishing a new post every week, so make sure to check back! We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with all the industry knowledge, trends, and latest technologies that you need to be aware of. This weeks post is 8 simple tips that are guaranteed to make you and your business successful! Enjoy…

1)Market your brand every day. Don’t let a bad hair day get you down! Even if revenue is good and you’re busy, don’t get complacent… decreasing your marketing budget at this point will just hurt you in the short and long term, you must work for your brand for it to work for you!

2)Continually evaluate your brand. Just like every other product, things get old and go stale, so does your brand. How does your logo look, need a refresh? Is your site staying current compared to your competition? When was the last time you updated your site content? As times change so do graphic and web trends. You never want to look old or dated, keep a fresh look and this will show your customers or clients that your business is doing the same.

3)Install Google Analytic’s on your site! If you have not yet… This is an amazing FREE source of information. This data allows you to refine your target market, specify your demographics, and much much more!

4)Have you evaluated your websites mobile presence? Did you know that more people in the world have cell phones than tooth brushes?! This is a giant section of the market that you could be missing. Make sure your website is responsive or you have a mobile app, there’s just no reason not to.

5)Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Keep in mind you want to reach as many people as possible. One marketing platform should not eat up your entire budget. There are many coast effective means to market yourself. Look into Facebook ads, Twitter ads, if you have a larger budget Google Adwords are always effective if you have a well established campaign. Just one source is not going to do it for you, one is always better than none, think about diversifying!

6)Keep your eye on the prize! Many people get discouraged when their doors are not being beaten down right away. You must think of your businesses marketing as a garden. You can’t plant seeds and have tomatoes overnight. They need be in viable soil, they need sunlight…you have to water them…you need to weed them. Think of this as your businesses, you need to establish a great campaign, you need to set a good budget, plan which platforms you will utilize, and then feed these! Don’t just set them up and let them go… nurture them!

7)Always…we mean always keep in mind the 80/20 rule. If your unfamiliar with this… 80% of your yearly income typically comes from 20% of your loyal customers. Use this information to your advantage! This means reward options, loyalty points, repeat customer promotions, keep them coming back for more!

8)And my personal favorite… this is tried and true, it’s about paying it forward. In order for you to be successful you need to help others be as well! This may be difficult for some to wrap their heads around, but it’s true. It comes down to positive energy. People always get back what they put out, and if you are trying to share success, share your positive energy you will be setting yourself up for success.

I hope your enjoyed this weeks addition of Pyramid’s Blog, check back every week for marketing, web, graphic design and general awesome tips content!