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The Everything You Need To Know Checklist!

2 June 2014

Check it once, check it twice…

Been wondering if your marketing efforts are covering all your bases? Well we’ve complied this easy check list for you to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered. Need help with any of these areas? We would love to discuss options for you, please contact us with any questions you may have.

1) Mobile…mobile, mobile mobile!! Did we mention mobile? This year’s all about consumers and cell phones! There are thousands of new cellular users every year. The number of people using their phones to buy, research, order, and browse is increasing more now than every before. This is why it’s so important for your website to be mobile user friendly, it needs to be responsive!! We all want to be able to buy things, find things, get info for things as quickly as possible, come one…you know that no one has patience anymore, so lets not miss out on this over anxious group of people.

2) Focus on Design – People are becoming more design savvy than ever. This means making your promotional flyers in Word or Paint are not going to cut it anymore. People know what looks good and what doesn’t. Don’t miss out on a sale just because your promotional pieces don’t make the quality of your product or service.

3) Focus on Entertaining Content – Clients and customers want to feel like your talking directly to them, so don’t use that cold, sterile verbiage anymore. Make it fun!!

4) Email Marketing – Things like Constant Contact are a really great way to staying in touch with your customers and clients. Don’t let them forget your still here, stay in touch with them. Even if it’s just a quarterly newsletter, it will keep your brand in front of them. So, next time they need something they will know who to call!

5) Make sure to have great call to actions!!

6) SOCIAL MEDIA! Use it, learn it, love it! 80% of People prefer to shop brands that have a well developed social media presence. As many of you read our previous post, SEO Is Dead Search Engines have been dramatically changed. They are now also considering your SM presence as a part of your SEO rankings. So don’t miss out on this free SEO help, because we all is the best price!

7) Start to think of new forms of advertising – As society, technology, trends, generations change so should the way you approach advertising. Don’t stick to the same old methods..try something new,  Youtube, Facebook, Groupon?

We look forward to sharing an amazing, prosperous year will all of you, Happy New Year!