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It’s True…SEO is dead!!

1 July 2014

Yup, it’s true…and you’ve heard it here…SEO is dead!

When it comes right down to it… It’s about the money. Search engines companies are sick of doing all this work to have others benefit. And this is how they plan on doing it… Search engine companies such as Google, Bing, Yahoo are pulling their big corporate strings and changing the way they rank your website.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the way Search Engine Optimization works, let us tell you! As we all know there are more websites on the internet than any one person could ever go though, this prompted search engines to create a mathematical algorithm that searches through sites and evaluates them. You may have heard to this as “spiders”. Where SEO companies come in, is they are able to “fake” your sites results which pushes you higher on search engines listings.

Don’t get confused, however, there is paid and there is organic SEO. Paid listings will still remain the same. You will still pay be able to pay Google directly to be at the top of their search pages, or the side bar as well. Those are Google Adwords campaigns, and don’t worry they will never get rid of those, it makes them good money!

What we really find disheartening is that we know companies have spent a lot of money on SEO, we mean a lot…and the real sad part is that it may actually be hurting you. Search engines have starting penalizing websites that are trying to employ these shortcuts. They will continue to dock your website until these issues are fixed. So we definitely suggest anyone who has put money into their SEO and not sure which tactics were used to make a few phone calls, and make them quick. Once a spider has crawled though your site an detected those measures, it wont come back for quite sometime, and even longer if it happens again.

What it really comes down to it, they are forcing companies to do actual work. To build strong brands, work on their sites, their marketing, and not just allowing companies who have poor marketing but lots of money be at the top of search engine listings.

We have to say…we’re a fan of this. We take the time to learn the ever changing technologies so we don’t ever find ourselves in this situation. We don’t take short cuts and we especially don’t do anything that’s going to hurt our clients. Although throwing tons of money at an SEO company got you great, quick results, those of us in marketing know it’s the things we work hard to sustain that always prospers.

As one of the SEO industry leaders, Jill Whalen posted recently in her blog “What did you do with Jill,” about how after 20 years of SEO work she has left the game. She has realized that’s not where it’s at anymore, but she did leave us with this great parting note, “I knew from experience that the real secret to SEO was not about tricks but about making your site the best it could be for your users while keeping the search engines in mind. It was true when I started doing SEO and it’s true now. Doing that always, always, always works to bring more targeted search engine traffic to your website. But, sadly, the tricks that the other SEO people were doing and writing about also worked, albeit temporarily.”

And this is where we come in. We are here to make your website all it can be without the shortcuts, we believe in good, honest, hard word, and we want to pass this knowledge onto you.

Cheers to hard word!